Planning Plan for Holding the 2016 Ximengte Group Annual Meeting

2016 annual meeting activity plan

1. The theme of the annual meeting:

2016 Chinese New Year Gathering

2. Annual meeting time

January 17, 2016 from 16:30pm to 21:00pm

3. The venue of the annual meeting

Restaurant on the first floor of the dormitory building of Ximengte Company

4. Form of the annual meeting

A combination of dinner and entertainment raffle

5. Participants (see the list of participants for details)

1. The total number of cadres and employees of the company: 518

2. 55 company leaders

3. 463 employees in each department

6. Personnel preparation

1. General Coordinator: Liu Jiaxi

2. Members: All of the Human Resources Administration Department

1) Host: Each department will make up their own words (prepare the host to make up words according to the program)

2) Venue decoration: Liu Jiaxi, Huang Yuanfu

3) Purchase of prizes and props: Huang Yuanfu

4) On-site scene layout: Liu Jiaxi, Huang Yuanfu, Yang Jiaojiao, Qiu Sisi

5) On-site photography and videography: Huang Yuanfu

6) On-site computer and music control: Zhang Pei

7) Storage and distribution of lottery tickets and prizes: Shenhang, Su Shanliang

7. Dinner arrangement

There are 5 tables in total, please refer to the seating table for details, about 10 people per table.

Drink arrangement:

Liquor 1 bottle/table 120 yuan/bottle

Red wine 2 bottles/table 40 yuan/bottle

Beer 1 box/table 70 yuan/box

Drinks 2 bottles/table 7 yuan/bottle

Eight, annual meeting process

1. From 14:30 to 15:00, everyone enters the venue with background music, and a lottery box is set up at the entrance. During the period, there is a tea party, and melon seeds, peanuts, etc. are placed on the table;

2. At 15:00, the leaders were seated, and the Youth General Assembly gave a speech and announced the start of the annual meeting.

3. 15:00-15:10 Speech by President Qing (10 minutes each)

4. The annual meeting officially begins at 15:20:

1. Human Resources and Administration Department: General Manager Zhang will lead everyone to toast together, wishing everyone a happy New Year and a better tomorrow for the company. Simultaneously print out the first program. After the performance, Mr. Hu will draw out the winner of the first lucky prize and distribute the prizes.

2. Battery Department: Mr. Chen will join the show and lead the program. After the performance, Mr. Chen and Mr. Xie will draw two lucky prize winners respectively and distribute the prizes.

3. Die-cutting department: The person in charge will introduce the program, and after the end, Mr. Li will draw five lucky prizes and distribute the prizes.

4. Game link: After the end, Mr. Lei will draw five fourth prizes and distribute the prizes.

5. Sales Department: The person in charge will introduce the program, and after the end, Mr. Chen (Chen Ping) will draw a third prize and distribute the prizes.

6. E-Commerce Department: Mr. Liu will lead the program, and after the end, draw the second and third prizes and distribute the prizes.

7. Production Management Department: Mr. Liu will play the show and lead the program. After the end, Mr. Liu will draw two second prizes and distribute the prizes.

8. Game link: After the end, Mr. Li will draw a first prize and distribute the prizes.

9. Leaders' blessings: Seven leaders sent a blessing respectively, and the youth president announced the official start of the dinner.

Remarks: Employees who participate in the game can receive a participation award after the game is over. The specific game settings are adjusted according to the number of programs reported by the department.

5. Meal time from 16:00-18:00. At around 17:30, the Youth Federation will draw the winner of the special prize and distribute the prizes.

9. Program budget (control within 100,000 yuan)

10. Game plan (choose two from seven)

Game settings:

1. Learn from me (10 people)

Select 10 people to participate in the game and automatically shuffle the order. Game rules: The first person is selected by passing down, each person performs a simple action, the second person needs to repeat the action of the first person, and is doing his own action, and the third person repeats the action of the first two people , and make a new action by yourself, and so on, whoever forgets first will be eliminated. Two rounds are played, and the first loser in each round is punished.

2. Consonance (6 people) (recommended)

Select six people to participate in the game, free partner three groups, two people in each group (one person gestures, one person guesses), the group with the most guesses wins. The group with the least number receives the penalty.

game rules:

Each group sends two contestants (one male and one female). First, the contestants choose the approximate range of the words to be guessed, and then determine who will make gestures and who will guess the words. When the host says it starts, the timer will be counted. The time is three minutes. The team that guesses more wins.

Alternative words: Looking back and smiling, bow-legged, childhood sweetheart, scratching ears and cheeks, radio gymnastics, fire extinguisher, little bird, dog jumping over the wall, eating chili, secretly looking, nine cows, ballet, chicken flying eggs, smelling chickens dancing, old lady drunk, gnawing corn, hanging beam and stabbing ass . , Fei Yuqing, Donald Duck, Sailor Moon

3. Passing water in paper cups (10 people) (recommended)

Five people from each group stand in a row, each holds a paper cup in their mouth, and then passes water from front to back, without using their hands, relying entirely on the movements of their mouth and head, according to the amount of water passed to the end within the specified time Calculate the outcome. There are two groups, and the losing group accepts the penalty proposed by the winning group.

4. Dancing after hearing the "song" (6 people)

This topic was also thought of by Wenjiqiwu. In a group of two people, preferably a man and a woman, let the lady sing, and she must sing the songs that the host puts forward specific requirements, such as songs with animals in the lyrics, "spring" and so on. While the lady is singing, she The partner should dance according to the lyrics. Within the specified time, the group that cannot think of a song will be eliminated.

5. Yes or no (4 people)

Rules: Two guests face each other, put a sign on each head, the word on the sign is the person or thing that the guest wants to guess, and tell each other a general range first. Everyone can ask each other questions, and use general interrogative sentences to determine the answer. I only answer YES/NO until I finally guess what it is. The game is set in two rounds, and the loser is punished.

6. Work together (6 people)

A total of three men and three women were selected and divided into three groups. Men and women were free to combine, and the balloons were transported back to back. The last one who reached the finish line failed. The players are punished.

Seven, fifty cents (recommended)

game rules:

(1) Number of participants: 8 people (4 men and 4 women)

(2) Boys represent 5 cents, girls represent 1 yuan

(3) The host randomly announces an amount of money, and everyone is free to combine into the amount of money that the host said. The loser of the combination will step down, and the winner of the combination will continue to the next combination until the final winner appears.


1. The old man and the old lady learning melatonin, while dancing the hula dance, read the slogan at the same time: no gifts will be accepted during the holidays this year, only melatonin will be accepted as gifts

2. Among all the people present, which opposite sex do you think is the most pleasing to the eye? Why?

3. Perform the four expressions of "emotions, anger, sorrow, joy"

4. Write with the buttocks (write the four words "Happy New Year" with the buttocks, one for each person, and the words will be freely assigned by those who receive the punishment)

5. Let the right-hand player grab your face and pull it to the sides

6. The loser picks the nose of an opposite sex

Seven, sing a nursery rhyme

8. Performing orangutan movements around the field

Nine, cartoon jump (jump three times in a row): When jumping, the thighs and knees are close together, and the calves are separated; When a man jumps up, separate his left and right feet back and forth, move his hands back and forth naturally, and shout out at the same time: Yo Ho! When a woman jumps up, separate her calves from left to right, put her hands in a V shape on her chest, and shout out: Yay!

10. The loser finds a person of the opposite sex, and the two of them put their fingers together and recite <Goose>

11. Run around the field, shouting while running, I will never wet the bed again. .

12. Shout while running: I am Superman, I am going home! Run back to your seat.

13. Acting as a hooligan to moleste a member of the opposite sex (reverse roles between men and women)

14. Walk back to your seat from the stage, and say as you go: I lost, I'm an idiot

15. Imitation of ancient women with special occupations soliciting customers

16. Put 3 Furong sisters in S shape

17. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

18. Walk around the stage like a supermodel

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Planning Plan for Holding the 2016 Ximengte Group Annual Meeting

2016 Annual Meeting Activity Plan 1. Theme: 2016 New Year's Eve Party 2. Annual Meeting Time: January 17, 2016, from 16:30 pm to 21:00 pm 3. Annual Meeting Location: Restaurant on the first floor of the dormitory building of Ximengte Company 4. Annual Meeting Form: A combination of dinner and entertainment lottery activities 5. Participants (see the list of attendees) 1. All cadres and employees of the company, with a total number of 518 people 2. Company leaders 55 people 3. Employees of each department 463 people 6 Personnel Preparation 1. General Coordinator: Liu Jiaxi 2. Members: All members of the Human Resources and Administration Department 1) Host: Each department will string words on their own (according to the program)

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