Job title:

business manager


Face to face

Release time:


Nature of work:


Subordinate department:

business manager

Working life:

1-3 years

Number of recruits:



junior college

Job description

Responsible for new customer development, maintenance, new project follow-up and payment collection and other related matters.

Familiar with the die-cutting industry market, have two years or more of sales experience in the same industry (OCA market, 3C market, and module market are all available)

Those with experience in major customer development and industry resources are preferred

The company implements a 21.75-day work system, and overtime pay is calculated according to the labor law. Food and lodging included, purchase of six insurances (five insurances + commercial insurance) and one housing fund, holiday gifts, employee birthday parties and other benefits. Interested parties please bring your original ID card to the company for an interview.

Interview time: Monday to Friday 8:00-12:00 am, 13:30-17:30 pm

Interview address: No. 9 Songzikeng Reservoir Road, Longtian Street, Pingshan District (Ximengte Science and Technology Park)

Contact number: 0755-89782988 / 18938082291 Ms. Li