Job title:

project engineer


Face to face

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Subordinate department:

project engineer

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Number of recruits:



junior college

Job description

Proficient in die cutting process. Proficient in the operation of die-cutting machines and laser machines, and proficient in using CAD and related office software, with a strong sense of responsibility and obedience to management.

1. Responsible for cost assessment of new products;

2. Responsible for customer drawing processing and structure confirmation;

3. Responsible for the material matching of the product;

4. Responsible for the follow-up of sample preparation products, the design of product technology, and the handling of abnormalities in the production process

The company implements a 21.75-day work system, and overtime pay is calculated according to the labor law. Food and lodging included, purchase of six insurances (five insurances + commercial insurance) and one housing fund, holiday gifts, employee birthday parties and other benefits. Interested parties please bring your original ID card to the company for an interview.

Interview time: Monday to Friday 8:00-12:00 am, 13:30-17:30 pm

Interview address: No. 9 Songzikeng Reservoir Road, Longtian Street, Pingshan District (Ximengte Science and Technology Park)

Contact number: 0755-89782988 / 18938082291 Ms. Li