2019 Outreach Training on "Self Breakthrough Results Oriented and Creating Brilliance Together"

For example, the opening oath: "I am a soldier of Ximengte. I am willing to fight with my comrades. On the way forward, no matter what obstacles, pains, or twists and turns I encounter, I am willing to choose to fight and never abandon or give up." The company's middle and senior management team started a two-day outreach training. During the two-day event, we had laughter, sweat and tears.


The 71 people were randomly divided into five teams. The small partners who originally came from different departments quickly found a sense of belonging to the organization and integrated into one. Under the leadership of the captain and deputy captain, they were ready to roll up their sleeves and work hard.


At the beginning, everyone felt that the goals set by the project were difficult to achieve, lacked confidence, and would not be ideal for the first time, such as "99 seconds of passion". In fact, skipping rope, cleverly catching colored balls, moving flowers and wood, throwing water bottles, "I am the best", except for throwing water bottles, which is a little more difficult, the others are very simple. As long as everyone finds the project they are good at, do their own part, arrange the sequence reasonably, and connect each transition, 99 seconds is more than enough.


In the "Information Transmission" project, everyone formulated a strategy in advance, but it was not well implemented during the event. Moreover, with the change in the shape of the cards, everyone was confused. The more they couldn't turn over the desired number, the more confused the situation was, resulting in some cards being turned over all the time. In actual work, we often encounter situations where the plan cannot keep up with the changes. Therefore, we should adapt to the situation during the implementation process. The leader should change the strategy according to the actual situation and communicate it to everyone in a timely manner. Communicate effectively to ensure that everyone understands Up-to-date rules and enforce accordingly.


The "Leadership Style" project is very simple to count from 1 to 99, from 1 to 88, from 1 to 77, from 1 to 66, and from 1 to 55. 20, 40, 50, 60 push-ups, the leadership pressure is so high that it is not easy to do. In addition to testing the ability of teamwork, it also reflects the cruel competitive environment in reality. At the beginning, they grabbed the last place at the bottom three times. What everyone thought in their hearts was that as long as there were no mistakes, the results would definitely not be bad, and they would win steadily. The next two times, the rules were changed, as long as they were not in the first place, they would all be punished, and if they failed, they would be benevolent. The team members trusted the leader unconditionally and obeyed the command. They never gave up, broke the boat, tried their best, and were determined to win. Twist the team into one rope with unprecedented cohesion, and we will be invincible. Even if we lose in time in the end, we all win in spirit.


I was blindfolded and couldn't see the gratitude course "Life in Wind and Rain", so I panicked at first. But under the silent command of my companion, I marched safely, so I slowly relaxed and completely trusted my companion, believing that she would guide me well and protect myself well. For example, when I am a tractor, I always put the safety of my companions first, and try to give her clear signals whether to walk, stop, step or crawl, and switch to my side where it is difficult to walk, and put myself in other people's shoes. And "Trust Backdrop" means trusting your team unconditionally, and you must be serious and responsible when you pick up the next one.


The whole team was completely in chaos. It was in the "Seven Hegemons" project that human selfishness and team conflicts were vividly displayed. They were randomly divided into seven groups again. Everyone didn't understand that the instruction was to work together to maximize the score in the form. As a result, everyone only wanted to finish the task quickly, and the two groups who saw through the task contributed all the resources at hand. , but the other four teams are still in the "mess" and do not understand the task powerless. Failure of communication between departments has led to the failure of one to win, and the loss of one to lose all. As a central department, it should understand the actual needs of each department, and when resources are in short supply, allocate and dispatch resources reasonably, giving consideration to each department. Departments that lack resources should not wait for "pie from the sky", but should actively apply to the central department and negotiate with various departments. Only in this way can we maximize the benefits together, and everyone can share the cake.


The final "overcoming the wall" cannot be accomplished by one person, and must rely on the entire team. Lacking confidence, we originally planned for 59 minutes, and the target challenge was 30 minutes, but we completed it in less than 15 minutes, and the strength of unity is strong. "Here, thank you for lifting me up on your shoulders; here, thank you for lifting me up with your hands. If you want, please pat me on the shoulders, you are my brother, you are my sister. If When you still need me tomorrow, I will still carry you, and I will give you a hand, because we are brothers and sisters, and we will never leave." Thank you to every colleague who is the main elevator and the auxiliary elevator, thank you to everyone Colleagues pulled up on top. Although it was painful and hard to step on, all of us overcame difficulties, overcome fears, broke through ourselves, and went up together. There is no perfect individual, but there is a perfect team. Thank you to every brother and sister of Ximengte!

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