Analysis of the industrial chain of wireless charging transmitter and receiver

Following Apple's latest three mobile phones equipped with wireless charging function, the first domestic mobile phone equipped with wireless charging function has also been officially released. On the evening of November 26, 2017, Gionee, a well-known domestic mobile phone brand, released eight full-screen mobile phones in one go. Among them, the flagship model Gionee M7 Plus, which focuses on high-end business, not only has a full-screen display, but also adds a wireless fast charging function. The Qi standard wireless charging technology is the first among domestic mobile phones, and the charging power is as high as 10W. However, some media measurements show that the wireless charging input power of Gionee M7 Plus is stable at about 14W, which is completely comparable to the mainstream wired fast charging currently on the market.

Industry Chain Analysis of Wireless Charging Transmitter and Receiver

In recent years, the competition in the mobile phone market has become more intense than in previous years. The competition of domestic mobile phones is no longer a simple price-performance competition, and healthy competition that strives for differentiation has become the mainstream voice of the market. As an established mobile phone company, Gionee has always strived for innovation in mobile phones, dared to try new technologies in the use of new technologies, and was at the forefront of the industry. For example, it was the first company with built-in security dual-chip, the first batch to introduce soft-light dual-camera function, equipped with four cameras, and M2017 pioneered live fingerprint recognition. In the M7 Plus this time, Gionee once again became the first mobile phone brand in China to integrate Qi standard wireless charging technology. Gionee mobile phones have led the new trend of domestic mobile phones time and time again, and have always maintained the reputation of super battery life.

For wireless charging, Liu Lirong, chairman and president of Gionee Group, said in an interview with the media that wireless charging will be a trend. Next year, more and more public places will provide wireless charging bases, and there will be more and more mobile phones with wireless charging. many. In his view, electric vehicles are currently limited by charging equipment and charging time, but wireless charging mobile phones are not limited by charging time. Its cost investment is very low for public places, and perhaps many public places will automatically install them. When there are such devices in public places, it will greatly promote the wireless charging of mobile phones.

In fact, brands such as Sharp Nokia and Sony have launched wireless charging mobile phones earlier. Samsung's flagship models have supported wireless charging since the Galaxy S6 era. In September this year, Apple also officially added wireless charging to its three new models. So far, wireless charging technology has attracted the attention of all parties and has developed rapidly. This time, the domestic mobile phone Gionee M7 Plus also added the wireless charging function. This is just the beginning. It is reported that Xiaomi, Huawei, Smartisan, Nubia, Honor, VIVO and other domestic mobile phones are already conducting pre-research on wireless charging mobile phones. This means that subsequent products launched by these domestic mobile phone brands will also support wireless charging.

Recently, reports from authoritative media in the industry said that since the Apple iPhone 8/ 8 Plus/ X supports wireless charging, the wireless charging market has seen a blowout growth. Now the entire wireless charging market has grown by about 5-6 times compared to before the release of Apple's new phone, and it will continue to grow several times next year.

More relevant research institutions predict that by 2019, wireless charging will appear in more offices and conference rooms, and more than 50% of mobile phones, 20% of tablet computers and 5% of notebook computers on the market will have wireless charging functions. Stimulated by the Apple mobile phone, the wireless charging industry is growing rapidly with an unstoppable trend.

Analysis of Wireless Charging Industry Chain

At present, there are many analyzes on the wireless charging industry chain on major media websites. Here is a comprehensive review:

The wireless charging industry chain is divided into two parts: receiving and transmitting. The upstream and downstream industry chain of the receiving end is divided into chips, magnetic materials, transmission coils, module manufacturing, and system integration. The transmitter is divided into: chip, coil module, and scheme design.

The receiving end chip and system integration design links have high technical barriers and high profits (each accounting for about 30% of the profits of the wireless charging industry chain), and the main customers are mobile terminals. Today's development status is very similar to that of fingerprint recognition three years ago. Among international brands, only IDT has experience in mass shipments. Broadcom is officially customized for Apple, while other big brands, including TI and Qualcomm, have failed to capture the industry. The first wave of explosive opportunities failed to break into the supply chain of any mobile phone manufacturer. On the contrary, a group of start-up companies and listed companies with high-end technology in China have laid out ahead of schedule, and they are beginning to appear in the mobile phone receiving end market. Branded mobile phones equipped with domestic chips have already appeared on the market. It is rumored that the Gionee mobile phone M7 Plus is selected from domestic brands. Wireless charging solution.

In the link of the transmitter chip, there are many participating manufacturers and the competition is fierce, but they are also differentiated into different levels. First-line wireless charger manufacturers, such as Mophie, Belkin, Zebao, etc. generally pay more attention to fixed frequency, FOD foreign object detection function, and fast charging performance. International brands NXP, IDT and a few domestic chip manufacturers that focus on the high-end market often become their you select. Among the brands that focus on cost-effectiveness, it is difficult for foreign chips to occupy a place because of their high prices. On the contrary, a group of domestic chip manufacturers have a high market share. Of course, the competition in this market is also very fierce.

Related companies in the receiving end industry chain:

Transmitter industry chain related companies:

The outbreak of the wireless charging market undoubtedly means huge business opportunities for upstream and downstream enterprises, not only in smart phones, but also in smart home, automobile and other markets. In addition, for third-party wireless charging suppliers, this also means huge business opportunities. The wireless chargers provided by these manufacturers are not just for Samsung or Apple, but are highly compatible products to charge different brands of mobile phones. However, the wireless charging industry is still in the early stages of explosion, and there are countless wireless charger products on the market, and only those products that guarantee good quality can stand out in the market.


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Analysis of the industrial chain of wireless charging transmitter and receiver

Following Apple's latest three mobile phones equipped with wireless charging function, the first domestic mobile phone equipped with wireless charging function has also been officially released.